Why Should Your FPA Care About Budgeting

If you’re in the Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) department, it’s likely you wear many hats. The nature of the job requires it. FP&A attempts to catch a glimpse of an ever-shifting future before it arrives, and respond in a timely manner to changes that can affect an organization for years to come. Somewhere in there, budgeting comes in

Thoughts on Delegation and Outsourcing

Learning how to delegate is probably one of the most difficult things in business. It is also one of the most important elements of being a successful manager.

We all know that our time is limited. No matter what you do, you will not be able to generate additional hours in the day. The only thing you can do is make better use of those hours.

Tips for Better Time Management

Time is one of your most valuable assets. You must manage it well if you want to be successful. I know there are tons of time management tips out there, but here are the things that I have found helpful to me, specifically with regard to my work as an accountant.

Focus on better use of your time at work, not working longer hours. The amount of time you have is 

An Overview of Project Finance

Everybody concerned with investment banking knows about areas like sales and trading, mergers and acquisitions and equity capital management. But have you ever heard of Project Finance? If not, no worries, we can change this today.

Project Finance is a rather small area of investment banking. The main purpose is to help companies 

Asking Others for Help Finding a Job

We talk a lot about networking, but if we are not using the networks we build effectively to find and seize opportunities, we are not realizing the benefits of our networks. Most people find their network most valuable to them when they face a job change.

Whether investigating other opportunities or being unemployed searching for a job, you should


For those of you that talk to me on a regular basis, I’m sure that this is not news to you. For everyone else, however, I wanted to update you on where I’ve been the past several months.

Many of you know that I had been working for mid-sized property casualty insurance company in Dallas for the past 5 years managing FP&A. Working with a small team and managing 

CPA vs CMA Infographic

Many have been asking for advice on which credential to pursue, CPA or CMA. Sometimes just understanding the basics about each can help you figure out which direction is right for you. I’ve pulled together some useful information in this infographic. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Celebrating Achievement and the Nobility of Business

Yesterday we celebrated Labor Day, a holiday created to honor the social and economic achievements of our country’s workforce. A tribute to the success we’ve enjoyed as a country, due to the hard work of those before us. What better time to think about what it means to be in business and be proud of the work you do.

The Icarus Deception

I recently read Icarus Deception and really felt like it helped give me a different perspective on my work. In the book, Seth Godin makes the basic point that we are transitioning from a work-based industrial age into a relationship-based connection age. He argues that like no other time before, we have the ability to make what he calls art. In the book he defines art as being the process you go through when you

Why Accountants Need to Know the Business

If you look at what it takes to be CFO or a manager in your department, it likely involves developing skills that your current position will not automatically teach you. If you want to advance you must make a conscious effort to get out from behind your accounting desk and improve your knowledge base. One of the easiest and most beneficial areas things to learn about is the mechanics, philosophy, and

The Benefits of Volunteer Leadership

As young professionals, we’re always looking for new opportunities to grow our careers and further ourselves. Some of us can actively seek out opportunities in our company to take on more responsibility. Others struggle to find a role in their company that can grow as fast as they do. We often channel the drive we have outside our company walls, seeking out an MBA, CMA, or CPA. These things are hugely beneficial to ensuring your career success, but the one thing it seems so 

Innovation and Idea Generation

Traditional understanding of innovation associates it with idea generation. Organizations find themselves creating think tanks or brain trusts that sit in a room and think about how to disrupt their business. The fundamental thought behind this approach is that the magic of innovation lies with a new idea. Most think it is the companies that develop better ideas that gain the advantage in the marketplace.

How to Maintain Your Professional Reputation While Pursuing Initiatives Outside Work

For most people, a 9 to 5 job is plenty enough, where they show up day in day out throughout their career. For some more enterprising individuals, a one dimensional professional lifestyle just doesn’t cut it. I am one of those individuals.

I am currently working in Corporate America in a relatively high position with a lucrative compensation 


One of the best ways for accounting and finance professionals to boost their knowledge and get an increase in pay is to complete a certification.  There are many out there, depending on the area of accounting or finance that you specialize in.  In my opinion, there are three that stand out as both broadly recognized and highly relevant to a variety of industries and job functions, the CPA, CMA, and CFA.

Want to be a Financial Analyst?

In my last post I discussed the basic fundamentals a candidate must possess to qualify for a role in a corporate financial planning and analysis department. These positions are highly competitive as many in accounting and finance gravitate to the more forward-looking, analytics, management-facing roles. If you think this type of role is what you want to do, don’t wait until you’re facing an interview to determine how you can brand yourself competitively. Here are some things you can focus on to make

Branding Yourself for FP&A

A lot of people ask me how to get into a company’s financial planning and analysis department. For many, these positions are highly sought after due to the fact they often involve working with various members of upper management and the provide analysis behind key strategic business decisions. Whether or not you’re already working in accounting and finance, there are some things you can do to prepare and rebrand yourself as someone fit for a role in the FP&A department.

The Importance of Taking Risk

You might not actually be jumping off a cliff, but sometimes the important things we’re called to do can feel the same way.

Someone I mentor called me the other day to get some career advice. He’s been looking for a Finance job for a while. He interviewed at a bank for a credit analyst position and called me the day he was 

5 Points to Work By

On my desk at work I have this paper pinned up that reminds me of five things I can do to help ensure I have a successful career.  I call it 5 points to work by.  They are all pretty simple and might seem like common sense, but sometimes it’s too easy to get wrapped up in the little things and lose sight of the big picture.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Network

There is no question that having a good network is a critical component to success in anything. Nothing great is accomplished alone. With this in mind, here are some ideas for how to grow your network. Investing in your network is something you should do constantly, because you can’t wait until you need something from someone to start focusing on those key relationships. Make these things a part of your everyday life. You will not only maintain the network you have, but grow it