For those of you that talk to me on a regular basis, I’m sure that this is not news to you. For everyone else, however, I wanted to update you on where I’ve been the past several months.

Many of you know that I had been working for mid-sized property casualty insurance company in Dallas for the past 5 years managing FP&A. Working with a small team and managing budgeting and forecasting, internal financial reporting, IT project prioritization, and other business initiatives, I really loved what I did. I learned a lot about management, especially how to manage an insurance company.

As I wrapped up the budgeting process in the fall last year, I was approached about an opportunity that was too good to pass up. In December I started a new job with another insurance group as Director of Financial Planning and Analytics. As with most job changes, the experience has greatly enriched my perspective on where I’ve been and where I think I’m going. There have been aspects about the change that have been challenging, but the growth that it brings has been well worth it.

Despite the disruption that my job change has caused for TheConstantAnalyst, I have received continuous positive feedback from you. Thank you for the encouragement and the honor of helping you navigate difficult career decisions. It is my joy to know that some of my experience and opinions could help others better themselves. I continue to be amazed and look forward to continuing to post on TheConstantAnalyst and connect with more of you.

Most of my writing efforts over the past two months have been focused on writing a book. This came about in response to the interest I’ve had from you for more in-depth and comprehensive content. I’ve been inspired by the interaction I’ve had with you over the past 2 years and how you’ve shown me that much of what I’ve learned can help others. As of today I am 21,274 words in to it with about 40% left yet to go. I don’t know yet when exactly it will be released, but I’m encouraged by the strong support I’ve had already. Rest assured, I will keep you updated.

Last month I also did a Twitter chat with IMA’s Competency Crisis. You may have seen my absurdly big mug on the first page of their blog, haha. The chat discusses some of the thoughts I’ve shared on here about the gap between college and the real world in accounting and finance. Check out the blog post they did on it. IMA has a whole campaign dedicated to trying to help young professionals learn the essential things that you need to know to be successful in the early stages of your career. I think it’s pretty interesting.

As always, continue to reach out to me with the usual comments, questions and thoughts. If you want to get involved in the book in some way, let me know. I’m always here to connect and collaborate and thank you for your support and relationship. More to come soon.