TheConstantAnalyst is a blog designed to develop accounting and finance professionals and help them grow in their career. My goal is to help bridge the gap that exists between traditional education and the real world when it comes to deciding what you want to do, how to find those opportunities, and how to market yourself for success. Many of the articles published here are the accumulation of my own insight based on my experience; and thoughts from books, professional speakers, and other bloggers. As much as I aim to help you in your career, I also know that by accumulating these thoughts and writing about them here, I am creating a guide that serves me personally as I continue along my own career path.

Why TheConstantAnalyst?

I continually enjoy thinking about why things are the way they are and am always asking questions. I recognize that I don’t know it all, and remind myself that the second I stop asking questions is the second I limit my own potential to grow. I think  TheConstantAnalyst is really something we all have to be if we want to be successful. Continue questioning, wondering, and learning.

Who am I?

My name is Patrick Tam and I currently live in Dallas, Texas. I’ve built my career around helping businesses better understand their performance; analyzing data and turning it into actionable information. I employ an approach based on a blend of financial theory, business understanding, and use of new technology and strive to bridge the gap that exists between financial experts, data/technology, and the underlying business. I currently work for an insurance company managing budgeting, forecasting, financial modeling and various strategic initiatives.

I am also currently a volunteer board member of the Institute of Management AccountantsDallas-Ft Worth Chapter and Global committee member where I strive to help students and young professionals advance in their careers and reach their potential. IMA is a great organization and you’ll hear me talk about it a lot.

My hope is that I can provide here some useful nuggets of information that help you be successful in the real world. Some thoughts are specific to accounting and finance professionals, some will be ubiquitous across all professions.

It does not matter how slowly you grow as long as you do not stop.

Who We Help

  • Young professionals entering the work force deciding which direction to take their career
  • Accounting professionals in transition, between jobs or just looking for a career change 
  • Financial professionals looking to constantly improve their performance and careers
  • Those interested in sharing ideas through contributing content and connecting with other finance professionals
  • Those looking to take CPA, CMA, or CFA exams as way to advance their knowledge and marketability
  • College students looking to learn more about the accounting and finance profession and which direction to take